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History of sculpture
From Classical Greek to the 20th.C

Modernist sculpture in the 20th.C

Contemporary sculpture, and the future?

How I started in sculpture...

When the world was young my 
family moved to Malta for a 
few years. With no TV, my 
mother encouraged us kids 
to draw, on anything, even 
on the white-washed kitchen 
walls if we were good enough.
Then, when I was five I won 
a prize for a horse made out 
of matchsticks and spuds. 

I was on my way. 

Later, back in England, I took 
Art & Design Foundation at 
Scarborough Technical College. 
This was an inspirational year. 
As well as sampling art disciplines 
that I'd never contemplated before, 
including sculpture, I started to 
develop a respect for my own instincts.
Techniques can be learned and
practised, but without conviction
they wont amount to much.

I also trained to be an art teacher,
in Newcastle, but Scarborough is 
where my path was set. 

My influences are as diverse as 
Canova, Rodin and Henry Moore.
Each of these artists developed 
an eye, and sculptural skills 
which enabled them to realise their 
ideas into works of beauty.

May we all strive to do the same.

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The Art Critic

Direct carving sculpture © Gordon Adams.